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Who We Are

Massage Abroad is an inspiring massage therapy program where education meets adventure.

The massage school abroad intensive was organized and created by Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts, a family of small Washington State based massage therapy schools. It is our philosophy that attending massage school is not only an opportunity to learn a new skill, but allows space self-exploration, to be artistic, and embrace our curiosity about human body. We then thought; “Why not offer this wonderful opportunity in exotic and exciting places, surrounded but nature and beauty? Thus, allowing our students to become talented and skilled massage therapists while also exploring a new culture and connecting with mother nature.”

Our faculty and staff is a diverse group of US trained healthcare providers consisting of; Massage Therapists, Naturopathic Physicians, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and Kinesiologists. Our diverse backgrounds allow us to offer a variety of different philosophies regarding health, wellness, and the practice of massage therapy.

Our Mission

Our commitment, our passion and why we do what we do.

Massage Abroad is dedicated to the personal growth, educational experience, and professional achievement of our massage therapy students and graduates. Our mission is to educate students in the practice of science-based massage therapy while also nurturing their need for travel, exploration, and adventure. We are passionate about helping people and we believe massage therapy is an essential aspect of the healing process. We are committed to training and supporting excellent massage therapists.

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USA Campus Life

Explore our USA massage school students in campus life and activities, from lectures to studying to body movement exercises.